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📖A Fun Way to Teach Your Baby Early Learning Concepts📖

Baby learning books with rich and interesting content bring joy to the baby and stimulates the baby's interest in learning. Each page is with a stuffed animal tail toy with different materials, with can train baby's sensory, making the baby like to touch their wrinkled material and turn the page, which helps the baby learn different types of words and colors to improve the skills help brain development.
Applying thermal transfer printing, patterns and color on each page is comfortable to watch and perfect for babies with developing eyesight. Various colors, while low saturation color will stimulate the baby's optic nerve development. Textured 3D animal limbs help your baby develop their senses while they experience different tactile sensations and have fun.
Soft baby cloth book choices are made of safe and reliable BPA-free polyester materials, Odor-free, soft and skin-friendly, The stitching is tight, and there are no small or loose parts, tear-resistant, and prevent accidental ingestion. Colors and patterns don't fade easily. Just a quick wash to keep, So you no longer have to worry about the material safety of soft books.

Ideal for attracting baby's attention
This cloth book with material, shape and color of each tail of this soft baby book is different. This book also features a built-in "BB" sound and a sound paper material that emits a crinkling sound when baby presses, stimulating their curiosity and attracting their attention.
 This book is designed for babies from 0 to 12 months and 1 to 2 years old. You can use it as your baby's first book. Soft cloth book stimulates your baby's brain development through sight, hearing and touch and helps them grow healthily. 
  • Materials: ‎Polyester
  • Recommend age: 0-3y
  • Size: As the picture below