Baby Head Protection Cartoon Pillow | Ziror


Make sure your child is safe and comfortable during their growth period with the innovative and adorable Head Protection Pillow!!

💆Are you worried about your baby's safety and comfort as they grow more active?
This Head Protection Pillow is the solution to your concerns. Without this headrest, your baby's head and shoulders may be at risk of bumps and bruises during playtime. The baby head protector helps protect the baby's head and back when crawling and walking, reducing the baby's head and back injuries.
🎗️Adjustable Plush Straps
According to the size of the baby’s body, the length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted so that the baby is comfortable to wear, freedom of movement. To prevent or reduce head injury in a baby’s head collision, keep the baby’s head and back shoulders safe. It protects the baby’s head but also the back, thus improving the baby’s activity.
🌫Breathable Tencel 3D Mesh and Crystal Suede Materials For Comfort 
The pillow is hollowed out to keep it breathable, so you don't have to worry about your baby's head being stuffy.
👍Baby Knee Protection
Baby Knee Pads protect baby knees from bruises and scrapes when they are crawling or learning to walk. The pad with silicone anti-slipper points makes your baby more stable while crawling.
🐤Cute cartoon characters that will delight kids of all ages
The unique design of the animal model, its cute appearance is more than just a baby head protector, it can also be used as a soft and soothing toy for your baby. Make your baby a bright spot everywhere.

😴 It's not only a pillow, it can calm your baby
🌸Soft and skin-friendly
The Baby head protection cushion is filled with thick and high-quality PP cotton and crystal velvet. It is soft, super light and weightless, the fabric is close to the skin. Provides comfortable cushioning and comfortable wearing experience for walking toddlers.
  • Package Includes: 1*Head Pad +2*Pair Knee Pads
  • Weight: 170g - 220g
  • Size: As the picture below