Baby Sling Adjustable Carrier | Ziror

Color - Cotton-Pink

A Quick, Safe And Pain-Free Way To Carry Your Child

Ergonomic Design
Upgraded baby carrier padded with soft material eases pressure on the shoulder, releasing burden to a large extent when you carry your baby. Evenly distribute the baby's weight for extra comfort to avoid spinal injuries caused by unreasonable strain for a long time.
Creates a Nourishing Heartfelt Bond
Scientifically designed to simulate the state of the mother's uterus, increasing intimacy and security. Physical contact with the baby causes the mother to release oxytocin, which promotes parent-child bonding.
Soft And Comfortable
The cloth fabric baby carrier, suitable for all seasons, is made of soft fabric, which is softer than ordinary fabrics. The baby wraps carrier is soft and stretchy. Perfect for moisture wicking, it absorbs sweat for extra comfort.
Adjustable And Effort-Saving Design
The adjustable range of the lightweight baby carrier is 60-80cm The baby carrier newborn allows you not to worry about postpartum body changes and other issues and can adjust the appropriate size at any time according to you and your baby's body shape.
Baby carrier, independent widened shoulder pads evenly distribute the baby's weight, the shoulders and back are evenly stressed, and the mother will not have backache when carrying the baby carrier for a long time. 
Multiple Way To Use
Our lightweight baby carrier one shoulder strap allows you to carry your baby in the same position as in the womb, increasing intimacy and security. You can use newborn hugs, hugs, hip hugs, kangaroo hugs, pregnancy slings and more.
Mothers can carry their babies anytime, anywhere.
  • Materials: Cotton/Mesh
  • Size: As shown