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Multiple different scene settings can make your baby activate the brain!!!

Variety Of Topic For Children To Learn
Quiet books for children with four theme groups are number recognition/plant detection/traffic detection/animal detection.

Reduce Screen Time to 92%

See them ditch it in minutes for this exciting sensory book!

3 Hours of Fascination! Faster than the Tablet's Boredom

This amazing book irresistibly captivates toddlers with over 15 exciting activities. From exploring dinosaurs to learning life skills, it guarantees hours of thrilling adventures that'll keep your child coming back for more!

The Montessori Book was specially designed for children to develop learning skills
The busy books for toddlers cover much basic knowledge that children need, such as evolution, counting, puzzle, color classification, etc. This book helps synchronously cultivate multi-dimensional sense organs cultivation of hearing, touch, and vision, allowing children to learn happily in games.
Repeatedly to stick and matching will improve the kid's fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and patience.

This book can be reusable. One peel and one paste can be pasted repeatedly. These small cards are attached to the book with adhesive strips and can be easily removed by the baby.

Child Safety
The kid's learning book is made of high-quality cardboard, waterproof, tear-resistant and easy to carry, making it a small travel toy. 
  • Item Weight: 10.5 ounces
  • Product material: Paper
  • Size: 28*20*1.8CM