Giraffe Pop Tube Suction Cup Toys - Montessori Learning Toys | Ziror

Color - Pink

Stretches Into Any Shape You Want!!!

️🎉Children need such toys to keep them away from electronic products️🎉
Your baby can stretch and twist these tube toys to release stress and anxiety and change various shapes, giving your little ones freedom to explore designs. Children never get bored when they play it.
️🌳ECO - Materials️🌳
Telescopic suction giraffe toy is made of high-quality plastic that is reliable and durable, with a smooth surface and safe materials to convoy your baby's growth. The spring is made of a popular tube, which can be retracted and deformed freely.
👶Becomes Fun Baby In A Second!
Various bright colors, cute animal shapes, can attract children's attention, arouse children's interest in games, and reduce children's emotional pressure. The giraffe toys is helpful for babies who are crying while Eating, Bathing, Sleeping, etc.
✨Stimulate Children's Creative Thinking.
The giraffe adopts a variety of colors for more visual appeal, with novel designs, which are popular with children and can improve color recognition. By stretching, rotating, winding, and suction cup adsorption, different shapes can be created, and various pose combinations can also be created through interaction between several people. By exploring more different postures and creating more game rules, stimulate children's creative thinking.
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  • Product material: Plastic
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple
  • Weight: 38g