Infant Simulation Steering Wheel Toy - Montessori Learning Toys | Ziror

Color - Car

This products can help entertain baby while parents driving

Unique Design

This toy is designed for babies sitting at the back when travelling in the car. Travelling by car can be boring for some babies, so a playful toy with entertaining activities and soothing music can help keep the baby entertained and make car rides nicer and quieter for the baby and parents.
There are two plastic rings on the metal posts of the headrest to attach the toy. The toy can be adjustable according to the height and convenience of the baby. Simply attach the plastic rings to the headrest and mount it in seconds.
Designed with Babies in Mind
With bright colors and interesting shapes & sounds, the infant car toy steering wheels are appealing and easy to hold sensory toys and offer a great variety of sensations for your baby.
 Let children learn to drive and develop a sense of direction...
The car wheel toy has a steering wheel and a ratchet, a baby safety mirror, three sound and light buttons, a horn and music, engine ignition sound.
Montessori Learning Toy
Exercise baby's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, develop baby's imagination and senses by rotating the wheel and gear knob.
Made of Premium Materials
Made of durable ABS plastic, the baby activity center toy steering wheel is made of high-quality materials with no loose parts or sharp edges.
  • Material; Loomed fabrics + ABS
  • Age: 1 year +
  • Power supply: 3*AA batteries (not included)