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Find Innocence Together With This Magical Water Pen

Unlock Unlimited Fun
Magic water pens make the "creation" move and unlock the experience of water painting. Magic water markers are not only suitable for children's daily painting at home, in classrooms, outdoors, and in other places. Magic pens can also be used for fun graffiti and creative water painting. Magic water pen allows them to feel the charm of design and creativity.

Use this magical water painting pen to draw on the spoon. When encountering water, the drawn animals will float on their own. The water-based design makes it insoluble in water, and the drawn animals can float freely on the water.
High Quality Material
Magic water pens are made of high-quality materials, not only impact resistant but also wear-resistant. Magic pen is safe and environmentally friendly, and harmless to the human body. You can use water magic pens with confidence. Besides, the thick fiber pen tip is not easy to break, and the smooth writing magic water pastel. The pen barrel is round, convenient to hold, and designed with care for children.
Paint on metal or ceramic spoons is advised, according to the instructions. Using plastic or other spoons may not work because of the various material qualities.
Creative Gifts For Kids
Kids love scribbling and doodling, which may damage walls or furniture. With water magic pens, you can draw your ideas on the mirror. Magic water markers help stimulate children's imagination and guide children to express and create; magic water pens will show them an interesting world of children's stories, and magic water floating pen is an ideal gift for children.