Personalized Growth Chart, Height Chart For Kids, Wooden Growth Ruler | Ziror

Color - Gray

Material: Wooden, Painted with non-toxic paints

Dimensions: (40-185cm) | (1-6.2 ft.)

It's more than a measurement tool; it's a symbol of progress, and the beautiful memories you're creating together

🌈ELEVATE MEMORIES, MEASURE MILESTONES: Crafted from organic wood, our Personalized Growth Chart captures your child's journey from infancy to towering heights. It's a tangible timeline and a heartwarming keepsake all in one.

🌈ENCHANTING DECOR WITH A PURPOSE: Add personalized charm to your home while tracking growth. Our Wooden Growth Ruler blends art and function, sparking conversations and becoming a cherished part of any room.

🌈CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR UNIQUE STORY: Personalize each chart with your child's name and birthdate. As you mark growth spurts, you're weaving a visual tale that celebrates their uniqueness.

🌈ECO-FRIENDLY KEEPSAKE: Beyond growth, our organic wood chart reflects your commitment to sustainability. It's a timeless keepsake symbolizing your shared journey and values.

🌈STURDY, VERSATILE, AND TIMELESS: Built to last, our Wooden Growth Ruler fits any space and can move with you. It's not just a height tracker; it's a lasting family treasure.

Celebrate the incredible adventure of growth with our Personalized Wooden Growth Chart.