Rocking Tail Cat Hanging Analog Clock, Modern Children's Room Decor Clock Acrylic, Meaningful Gift

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Material: Acrylic

Movement: Mute Movement

Display: Analog

Size: 42*18cm,20*30cm

🐱🕰️WHIMSICAL TIME WITH ROCKING TAIL CAT: Introducing our Rocking Tail Cat Hanging Clock – enchanting addition to kids' rooms! 

🐱🕰️MODERN CHARM AND ENDLESS FUN: Moving Tail Cat Clock – modern design, interactive joy! 

🐱🕰️SILENCE THAT'S PURRFECT: Mute Quartz Clock for a serene atmosphere. 

🐱🕰️REFLECTIVE MAGIC WITH ACRYLIC MIRRORS: Acrylic Mirror Stickers create mesmerizing illusions. 🪄✨

🐱🕰️A GIFT THAT STEALS HEARTS: Thoughtful surprise, cherished part of kids' journey. 🎁💖

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