Ultra-Soft Huggable Portable Baby Pillow | Ziror

Color - Pink - White

☁️Don't Miss A Chance To Give Your Baby A Sleep In The Cloud!!☁️

🤰Optimal Infant Positioning
With its two-armed embrace design, this pillow creates a sense of security as if the baby is sleeping in their mother's arms. Additionally, the 3D touch feature enhances children's gripping ability and helps keep the baby calm and at ease.
💢Prevent the formation of a "flat head"
The three-sided lock drawstring design can be easily adjusted by pulling the cord, ensuring a secure sleeping position that is tailored to the baby's head shape.
This promotes a more comfortable and restful sleep for the baby.
✅Proper care for their development curve
This pillow features a neck notch area with a height of only 0.5cm, designed to align with the new L curve. This innovative design prevents excessive pressure or damage to the pillow core. It also provides a perfect fit and support for the baby's delicate spine, ensuring proper care for their development curve.
Our Soft Pillow is constructed of superior organic cotton, which is gentle on the baby's skin yet offers excellent support. We have meticulously chosen materials that are safe and free of fluorescents, ensuring your baby's comfort and providing mothers with peace of mind.
🍃Suitable For All Seasons
These soft pillows are designed to facilitate optimal sleep for babies year-round. With side A: 100% cotton, the inner layer is 3D Ventilated Material (100% Polyester). Side B is a breathable tencel blend (50% Lyocell + 50% Cotton).