Unbreakable Daruma Magic Toys | Ziror

Enhance the parent-child relationship and enjoy the fun of interaction when play this toy.
Even if knocked down, it will restore back, add more fun for children
Novel Design
This toy does not contain magnets, it is a magical toy and should keep a distance from the crowd while performance
The Magic Daruma Toys moves as if the spectator watches CG animation. When swinging at the bottom with a hammer, Daruma will jump up to avoid the hammer. Even it is knocked down and collapsed, it magically re-shapes (re-builds)
This toy is an interesting and unique magic among traditional Japanese toys suitable for children and adults.

High-Quality Material
It is made of wooden material. Note: It's not a magnet, it needs to be connected to the props through a thin line, and you need a certain amount of hands-on ability to complete the game. So it's proven and guaranteed durable, unbreakable, and high-quality. Your kids will surely enjoy this for ages!