Ziror Baby Cotton Training Pants

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Be wary of over-reliance on diapers, which may affect your baby's ability to use the toilet independently. Diapers can cause your baby to get into the habit of throwing up as soon as he urinates, which can affect the storage function of your child's bladder. Excessive use of diapers can rob your baby of the ability to hold its urine.

So we've introduced these Baby Potty Training Underwear, it is the Bridge between diaper and underwear for Toddlers and Babies. Perfect for your toddler to learn potty training, saves lots of changes of outer clothes. Material is nice and soft, prevent baby diaper rash, no stimulation for baby. 

Good-bye diapers! Say hello to your child’s first pair of underwear! The Best Training Underwear for Toddlers.

Size Imformation


You can be buy it according to the data of size. If your child is above average, you can buy a larger one.
1: Manual measurement, different measurement tools and measurement methods can lead to a gap of 1-2cm.
2: The colors may be slightly different due to the monitor.
【Quality & Innovation】All of our training underwear are made with ingredients - Organic. The outer layer is 100% cotton.


The inner layer is cotton + muslin + TPU, which increases maximum softness and urine absorption. It's cloud-soft to wear and kind to sensitive skin, helping to prevent diaper rashes. Machine-Washable, Dryer-Safe, Washable, Durable and Reusable for multiple uses.

【Leakproof 6-layer structure】Toddler training pants are 6-layer, so they can contain a few accidents and hold fluids well.

But they don’t soak up as much liquid as a nappy, they are instead designed to give toddlers (and parents) that crucial early warning and reach the goal of potty training.

【Snug Fit】​Comfy stretch waistband and leg holes for greater fit and easy pulling up and down. Washable and reusable designs save you tons of money from disposable diapers


【Cute Design】​Adorable design is an important theme, pretty patterns, bright colors, kids love it and will not resist such a charming pair of training pants.

Getting to Know About Training Pants
🔺How training pants work?
Training pants absorb pee but can not make it as dry as diapers do,so your baby may feel not that comfortable,and in this process your baby also comes to learn how to control and hold pee poop.
Once your baby told you they have wet themselves, you should change them as soon as possible, it only hold pee for a few minutes before leaking around the legs!
🔺Can training pants full replace diapers?
NO.It's prefect for baby to wear training pants during day and use diapers during night. Because training pants are designed in this way to do potty training.
Please use with diaper pads at night.
🔺How to train baby pee?

Material: Body fabric - 100 % Cotton
    Mesosphere - TPU + Polyester brazing
Gauze fabric - 100 % Cotton
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