Ziror In Loving Memory Wind Chime, Remembrance Wind Chime, Bereavement Gift, Personalized Bamboo Wind Chimes

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Materials: Wood

In Loving Memory Wind Chime

Design is printed on both sides

The top circle on the 25" chime is 3.5 inches and the 34" chime is 5" in diameter.

Large wind chime- 34.5 inches long, paddle is 5.5x2.5 inches.

Small wind chime- 24 inches long, paddle is 4x2.5

🎵🌸MELODIES THAT HEAL: Our In Loving Memory Wind Chime brings joyful tunes that uplift the spirits and warm the heart. A whimsical and soothing reminder of cherished memories.

🎵🌸REMEMBRANCE IN EVERY CHIME: Our Memorial Wind Chime delicately captures the essence of your loved one, filling the air with beautiful melodies. A unique way to honor their memory with a touch of whimsy. 

🎵🌸BEREAVEMENT GIFT WITH A TWIST: Our personalized Bamboo Wind Chimes blend heartfelt remembrance with a sprinkle of laughter. A thoughtful gift that brings comfort and happy memories. 

🎵🌸MUSIC OF LOVE AND LAUGHTER: Let our Remembrance Wind Chime serenade your heart with delightful melodies and happy memories. A whimsical tribute that brings smiles during moments of remembrance.

🎵🌸HARMONIES OF HEALING: Our In Memory Wind Chime dances in the wind, spreading joy and solace with every gentle breeze. A melody-filled reminder that love never fades, it sings forever.