Ziror Personalized Wooden Birth Announcement Plaque, Birth Details, Baby Name Sign for Hospital, Baby Photo Prop


"Let Your Baby Shine Bright like a Superstar - Customized Birth Announcement Plaque that Reflects Their Unique Personality!" 🌈🌼

Materials: Baltic Birch, Acrylic

*Product details*
- 1/8 Premium Baltic Birch plywood and 1/8 Acrylic
- Includes baby's first and middle name
- Birth details (if you want to have them engraved on the plaque)

Celebrate the Epic Arrival🎉: Our personalized name Wooden Birth Announcement Plaque turns your baby's entrance into a legendary tale! With their name, weight, height, and date, it's the coolest way to share their arrival with everyone! 🌟

Be a Superstar: 🌈 Make your baby feel like a superstar with our customized Birth Announcement Plaque. Their name will shine, showing off their unique personality and making their birth announcement extra special! 🌼

Fun Photos Ahead: 📸 Get ready for adorable and funny photos with our Birth Announcement Plaque. Strike poses, have a blast, and create memories that will make everyone smile for years to come! 😄

Decor with a Story: 🏠 Our Birth Announcement Plaque isn't just a prop, it's a super cool decoration! Display it proudly in the nursery or any room, and let it become a conversation starter and a reminder of that incredible moment when you rocked the world with your arrival! 🌻

 The Best Gift Ever: 🎁 Forget ordinary baby gifts. Our Birth Announcement Plaque is the one that will make you a gift-giving hero! People will be amazed by your amazing taste and sense of humor! 💕