About Us

Brand Story

Ziror Online Montessori Toys Store is founded to provide the ideal environmental-friendly toys for your child's development! Parents & Caregivers these days are more likely to seek toys that both educate & entertain children, and somewhat resemble their childhood toys. Also, using eco-friendly materials in manufacturing is the most concerning topic in modern days. Understanding society’s demand, we pop up to adapt to your needs!

Our Vision

We live to develop and share our expertise & knowledge to give an exciting & inviting Playing Environment for your children. We believe every baby is a genuine successful individual at a very early age! Besides, our wide selection of Relax Clothing & Apparel will comfort the skin & help strengthen your child’s bonding with parents & grandparents.

Our Core Values

Creating a love-learning environment & health-priority are our top concerns. Industry significantly affects our environment, so we want the Earth to be as green as it was. Our Montessori Toys & Apparel are hand-manufactured, non-toxic & health safety. Our materials underwent many sterilization processes & testing to provide you with harmlessness products!

Our Team

Keep listening & searching to meet your demand, the things you need are what we're seeking! Ziror Toys Brand agreed that customers build up the brand, and their story goes along with customers! We have high hopes of becoming one of your trusted Montessori Toys Stores & the first place you will visit to buy Babies Apparel!

Contact us for support & advice

Email: support@ziror.com

Phone: (970) 999-1112

Office address: 651 N Broad St Suite 206, Middletown, DE 19709, US