10 Educational Toys for Toddlers That Promote Learning and Development

10 Educational Toys for Toddlers That Promote Learning and Development

10 Educational Toys for Toddlers That Promote Learning and Development

The rising demand for toys for toddlers created a strong shift in the toys market. Besides, in the modern days, materials and education quality are also being put on the escalator for evaluation. Infant is the term for calling kids under 6 months age, and toddler is used for kids over 6 months of age. Toddlers period is a significant time to build up future cognitive skills and reflexes. Understanding the importance, you should consider giving kids what kind of toys and how can it helps them develop essential skills. Today with this post, we would like to recommend the top 10 Educational Toys for Toddlers that are most recommended on the market!

1. Wooden Object Sorting Box

The amazing colorful wooden toys that are made for your children! It's made of 100% natural wood with non-toxic silicone object shapes, which will keep your child busy for hours! This educational toy is a perfect teaching method to improve children's cognitive skills and stimulate the growth of flexibility. 

2. Multi-activities Motor skills Cube

This busy cube help build up the concentration to think independently and solve problems, 7 different organ combinations, each playable part is related to life, learn basic skills. You can easily find references, such as fidget spinner, turning valve, light switch, roll the wheel...

3. Adorable Mini House Cube

It has a variety of game modes, involving game cognition, such as shapes cognitive skills, colors identification... Your babies can finely improve their motor skills, can stimulate children's creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, and flexibility.

4. Motor skills Wooden Bear Board

Ziror's busy board is designed following the Montessori educational system, emphasizing self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. This bright geometric stacker has a fun design that will keep your toddler entertained and learning!

5. Fine Motor skills Giraffe Book

Montessori busy boards are great educational toys of early enlightenment for color recognition and problem-solving, such as untie belts, pull zippers... It is fun and educational, keeping children away from electronic screens, developing kids' fine motor skills and exercising finger dexterity during play.

6. Cute Monster Wooden Busy Board

This wooden busy board for kids combines 14 preschool activities that are specially designed in varying difficulty levels to be challenging yet not too much to keep your baby occupied and interested.

7. Plucking Stuffed Veggie Game

This Plucking Veggie Game is designed to develop children's colors & numbers cognition and help parents teach their kids in a much more colorful and friendly way. This puzzle game is a great tool to play with your kids, especially since they are made of soft & non-toxic fabric, completely friendly with the youngster (preschoolers). Make learning so much fun through a competitive activity!

8. Wooden Music & Light Rocket

Wooden is the material that attracts most the parent's attention when buying toys. But what if it's both safe and playful? Let your children enjoy endless fun and explore new things with this 18 LED + 8 Buttons Light Up Busy Board. Rocket light switch board includes different coloured and sized lights and buttons that can improve kids' sustained focus and perception of cause and effect.

9. Illustrations Paper Busy Book

This Illustrations Busy Book adds magnetic parts to let children directly touch and organize by themselves. This non-toxic paper busy book is a great Montessori Toys to improve your kid's cognitive skills and imagination. This book is made of recycled paper and natural paint, which is promised to be 100% safe and not spoiling.

10. Traveling Busy Buckle Plush Pillow

After all, we have reached the last Montessori Toys on this Top list. This Traveling Sensory Toy is made to keep your child busy all the time, even when traveling. Due to its portable and friendly design, this pillow will soon become your child's partner in the toddler period. This toy can be used as a soft pillow or train kid's strength with a non-toxic plastic buckle.