Embracing a Peaceful, Spirit-Filled Christmas: Finding Joy in Simplicity

Embracing a Peaceful, Spirit-Filled Christmas: Finding Joy in Simplicity

Embracing a Peaceful, Spirit-Filled Christmas: Finding Joy in Simplicity

In the whirlwind of the holiday season, it's easy to get caught up in the frenetic pace of Christmas preparations. Amid the rush of shopping, parties, and endless to-do lists, we often forget the essence of Christmas. This year, let’s shift our focus from the frenzy to the true meaning of the season. It’s time to embrace a Christmas of less busyness and more Jesus.

The Christmas season, with all its charm, often becomes a race against time. We strive to create the perfect holiday, juggling shopping, events, cooking, and meeting expectations. But in doing so, we risk losing sight of the peace and joy the season is meant to bring.

In an effort to reclaim the true spirit of Christmas, I’ve started to prepare early, getting Christmas cards ready, beginning the shopping, and planning meals. Despite these efforts, the December calendar quickly fills up, escalating stress levels. The question arises: how do we balance our desire to make the season special with the need to avoid being overwhelmed?

One solution is to consciously choose to do less. This means making tough decisions, like foregoing cherished traditions that no longer fit into our hectic schedules. I recall my mother’s annual cookie-decorating party, a highlight of my childhood Christmas. I longed to replicate this for my children, but the stress of fitting it into an already packed schedule became too much. Reluctantly, I decided to say no to this tradition, a decision that, though difficult, allowed me to focus more on the spiritual aspect of the season.

To replace the hustle and bustle, I created a grown-up Advent calendar for myself, a daily reminder of the season's true meaning. Each day, I uncover a scripture verse or a Christmas carol, shifting the focus from commercialism to reflection on the story of Jesus' birth. This simple act transforms my approach to the days leading up to Christmas, encouraging me to absorb the profound message of hope and love that Jesus' birth represents.

This change in perspective has been transformative. Instead of a season defined by stress and exhaustion, Christmas has become a time of deep spiritual connection. I find myself eagerly anticipating each new day’s scripture or carol, much like my children look forward to their Advent calendar treats. This practice has enabled me to immerse myself in the essence of Christmas, feeling the season's joy and peace more profoundly.


This Christmas, I invite you to join me in saying no to the chaos and yes to a more meaningful celebration. Scale back the festivities slightly to make room for moments of reflection and connection with the story of Jesus. Consider finding or creating an Advent devotional that resonates with you, dedicating daily time to spiritual growth. By doing so, you may find that your heart becomes more attuned to the true spirit of Christmas, easing the stress of the season.

There are numerous Advent devotionals available, like "The Gift of Christmas" and "Pray Deep for Advent." These can guide you through a season of prayer and reflection, helping you to savor the true gifts of hope, peace, joy, and love that Jesus brings.

In embracing this approach, we can all experience a blessed, low-stress Christmas season, filled with the profound joy and peace that comes from focusing on the true reason we celebrate.