Exciting Family Activities to Countdown to Christmas

Exciting Family Activities to Countdown to Christmas

Exciting Family Activities to Countdown to Christmas

As the festive season approaches, the air fills with excitement, especially for children eagerly awaiting Christmas Day. This anticipation often leads to the constant question: "How much longer until Christmas?" To transform this eager waiting into a fun and engaging experience, Christmas countdown activities are a wonderful way for families to enjoy the days leading up to the holiday. Let's explore some delightful activities that not only count down the days but also create lasting family memories.

Advent Calendar: A Daily Surprise

One of the most cherished traditions is the Advent Calendar. Each day, children can open a tab to reveal a secret Christmas picture or activity, building their excitement. Families can get creative by making their own advent calendar. This can include daily activities or even a reusable calendar like an advent garland. Imagine the joy and anticipation as each tab opens to unveil a new piece of the Christmas puzzle.

Paper Chain: Counting Down in Color

A paper chain is a visually appealing and interactive way to count down to Christmas. Comprising 25 colorful links, each representing a day, children can remove one link daily. This activity not only adds a festive decoration to your home but also serves as a vivid representation of time passing. The chain's gradual reduction visually communicates how close Christmas is, making each day an exciting step closer to the joyous celebration.

Santa’s Beard: A Crafty Countdown

Engaging in arts and crafts can be a delightful countdown activity with the Santa’s Beard craft. Using a printable Santa face and 25 cotton balls, children can glue one cotton ball each day to Santa’s beard. This activity not only sparks creativity but also provides a tangible sense of the season approaching, as Santa’s beard grows fuller with each passing day. The excitement of seeing the beard reach its full glory can be a joyful moment for children.

25 Books of Christmas: A Story a Day

Incorporating reading into the Christmas countdown adds an educational twist. By wrapping 25 books and placing them under the Christmas tree, children can unwrap and read a new story each day. These books can be a mix of new ones and beloved tales from your collection. This not only enhances the festive spirit but also fosters a love for reading. Each story becomes a special memory, shared and cherished by the whole family.


Countdown to Christmas activities are more than just ways to pass time; they are opportunities to create joy, excitement, and family bonding. Each activity, whether it's opening a tab on the advent calendar, removing a link from the paper chain, adding to Santa's beard, or unwrapping a book, brings families together in anticipation and celebration of the festive season. These activities not only keep the children engaged but also instill in them the spirit of Christmas - a time of joy, giving, and shared experiences. As each day passes, the excitement builds, culminating in a memorable and joyous Christmas day, filled with the magic that these countdown activities have helped to create.