Gender-Neutral Toys: Why They Matter and How to Find Them

Gender-Neutral Toys: Why They Matter and How to Find Them

Gender-Neutral Toys: Why They Matter and How to Find Them

Gender stereotype is an issue that existed since the old times, in the modern days, Gender equality is highly valued and people try to educate future children with positive thinking. We can accelerate the cognition process by giving kids gender-neutral toys. Let's explore to understand why they matter and how to get the best toys for your kids with today's blog!

What is Gender-Neutral Toys?

A gender-neutral toy is something that doesn’t reinforce the standard imposed gender stereotype, it may have colors that are considered not aimed into a specific gender, like yellow or green, or have a mix of female and male characters. So we shouldn’t only offer girls stereotypically 'feminine' toys like baby dolls or unicorn stuffed toys, and shouldn’t only offer boys 'masculine' toys like action figures or bulky vehicles. 

Why they matter?

Toys, society & parents' stereotypes are directly impacted children's perceptions. A survey of nearly 7000 parents with kids aged from 6 to 14 in several countries found that girls are generally less supportive of typical gender biases than boys. Parents were almost six times as likely to think of scientists and athletes as men than women and more than eight times more likely to think of engineers as men than women. So it's essential to provide a good conception of gender for both girls and boys to ensure their highest potential development.

Where to find them?

If you are thinking of common and widely used toys like action figures and dolls, these toys still have a somewhat gender bias inside the design. It's best to recommend getting your kids the Educational Montessori Toys, mostly made with gender-neutral themes and eco-friendly materials. You can have it in a brick-and-mortar toy store around your neighborhood but Online purchases will provide you wide range of choices and better-guaranteed policy.

So, by providing children with toys that aren't limited by gender stereotypes, we can help them explore their interests and abilities more inclusively and open-mindedly. We want to contribute the positive thinking of gender equality with our Top Gender-neutral Montessori toys list below, we're happy if your children grow up with a modern mind and good health!

Both Girls & Boys can play Animal Number Puzzles! 

Girls are also good at Creative Puzzle Games!

Both Baby boy & girl love Cube Sorting!

Mom & girl enjoy playing with Electrical Wooden Board!

Do Boys also like colorful and Adorable Wooden Toys, possible?

Little girl loves exploring the Busy Cube! 

Girls enjoy playing with Creative Building Blocks!